26 March 2012

New Things Out in the Second Half of March

It seems sometimes like everything tends to happen at once. Today marks the release of two new things.

The seventh issue of Stone Telling is out now, and this issue is particularly dear to me, as it's all about QUILTBAG content. I did a Roundtable with a record nine contributors (who all had great things to say!), and Rose Lemberg also made a surprise cameo appearance in the conversation. You can check out the whole issue here. It's full of excellent poems and articles.

The other thing I did this month that's out today is the latest episode of the Broadly Speaking podcast. This month's theme is humor, and host Justine Graykin decided to adapt that theme to encompass laughing at our own foibles as we attempted to put together a tutorial on how to create and edit a podcast. There was a lot of trial and error as Justine navigated the uncertain waters of Skype conference calling for the first time, and we had all sorts of interruptions, including one participant having to step out due to a tornado warning! Overall, the whole episode runs about an hour, and does have a lot of useful information about how to put a podcast together, so if you're interested in podcasting, it's not a bad place to start! You can listen to that here.

Finally, earlier this month, I posted the 18th episode of the Outer Alliance Podcast, which features Jennifer Pelland talking about her new novel, Machine, and belly dancing, and cats, and lots of really interesting stuff. That's available here, and as a bonus, the show notes also features a very silly picture of us from Boskone, in which Jen is flipping off a unicorn.