30 April 2012

New Broadly Speaking Podcast

I hosted the April 2012 Broadly Speaking Podcast, and it is a really exciting one! The topic for April was Changelings and Transformation, and I had three guests with a variety of fantastic things to say.

First, this year's Tiptree Award winner, Andrea Hairston, talked to me about her book, Redwood and Wildfire, which features a diverse cast of characters trying to make their way in the entertainment world during the popular transition from theatre to film. I absolutely loved this book (which has so much blues music infused throughout, that it sank into my subconscious and I actually sang a blues song about my cat in my sleep... yes, really), and Andrea had lots of fascinating things to say about the history of film and about people of color who worked as performers in the early 20th century.

Next, Shira Lipkin talked to me about her Rhysling and Pushcart nominated poem, "The Changeling's Lament", which appeared in Stone Telling, and which has been noticed by something like 150,000 people! Shira talked about being genderqueer, and about the way that otherness is a big part of changeling stories.

Finally, Cat Rambo talked to me about her short fiction, especially "Clockwork Fairies", which is a steampunk story with a black heroine with a passion for mechanics in Victorian England. Cat also talked about the changeling trope in terms of Othering, and we ended up coming back to Andrea's story at the very end of our conversation--a nice way to bring the podcast full circle.

More news very soon! I should have a comprehensive WisCon schedule for anyone who wants to find me there, and I have a few more things in the works that will be unveiled soon, too. It's very hard not to just spill everything right this second, so I'm going to wander away from the keyboard before I get myself into trouble.