11 June 2012

For My Birthday, I Made Myself a Chapbook

My Birthday is the 28th of May, and I love to make things, so I made myself a present. Specifically, I took a story I wrote earlier this year, commissioned Erik Amundsen to illustrate it, and tried my hand at bookbinding for the first time. Here are some pictures for you, and you can listen to me reading an excerpt of the story on this month's Broad Pod (there are several other interesting excerpts on this episode, including one by Catherine Lundoff, who co-hosted the Outer Alliance party with me at WisCon last month). My excerpt starts at about the 6:50 mark, and lasts for roughly 6 minutes.

Here's the back cover copy:

Gretel has lived for a very long time, and for most of that time, her life has sucked. This year is no exception. She's responsible for taking care of her brother (who happens to be an annoying cat now), she's hopelessly in love with her indifferent boss, and then there's that tendency to see the future whether she wants to or not...

If you want to buy a copy, I'll have some at Readercon and WorldCon, or you can order one directly from me (send me an e-mail at julia@jularios.com). They're $10 if you buy directly from me, and $12 if you are ordering them and need one shipped within the United States. For international shipping, e-mail me, and we'll work something out. Each book is handbound with different colorful coverstock and endpapers.