22 May 2013

So Much News!

Okay, first, I can't believe I haven't mentioned this before now, but I'm a Hugo nominee! Strange Horizons is up in the Semiprozine category, and I'm one of the nominees! This means I get to go to WorldCon in San Antonio and collect my rocket-shaped nominee pin. I cannot express how exciting that is! I am panning to bring an animatronic cat purse with me, because Science Fiction Awards Ceremonies Are Serious Business.

Next, I have a ton of new stuff out, including an interview with Rose Lemberg in Strange Horizons, several Skiffy and Fanty Show episodes (including three non-Torture Cinema ones about The Hugo Awards, Teaching SF with David Annandale, and Artificial Intelligence with Mary Robinette Kowal), an essay in Queers Dig Time Lords, and an audio version of "Oracle Gretel" on PodCastle.

Finally, this weekend is WisCon in Madison, Wisconsin! I'll be there all weekend, and you can catch me at all the program items related to Queers Dig Time Lords and The Outer Alliance! I'll also be part of the Open Secrets poetry reading on Saturday afternoon, and I'm co-hosting two parties! One on Friday night for Queers Dig Time Lords and The Outer Alliance, and one on Sunday afternoon for Strange Horizons. Do come say hello if you're there!

I'll also be making an exciting announcement at WisCon, but more on that next time!