17 July 2014

News for the Summer of 2014!

Goodness, it's been quite a year! I'm a double Hugo nominee this year: once for Strange Horizons, which is up in the best semiprozine category, and once for The Skiffy and Fanty Show, which is up in the best fancast category. This is super exciting and a tremendous honor! I'll be attending WorldCon in London in August so I can party with Shaun, Paul, and Mike from the Skiffy and Fanty crew, Niall Harrison (the Strange Horizons editor-in-chief), and all the other fabulous Hugo nominees across all the categories. The fancast nominees alone would make for an excellent party!

To add to the WorldCon excitement, Kaleidoscope: diverse YA Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories will come out in early August in North America and Europe, and my co-editor, Alisa Krasnostein, will also be at WorldCon, so we're planning to have a launch party there! Kaleidoscope has been a giant focus for me this past year, and I couldn't be happier with the way the book turned out. There are twenty amazing stories by super talented authors, and I can't wait to share it with the world.

After WorldCon, Moss and I will have no time to be sad about the fun being over because we'll be too busy getting married in Scotland, and then walking the Coast to Coast Path across Northern England. We'll be doing the walk with our friend Sumana, and you won't see us online much (if at all) for the rest of August, but we'll be sure to post some pictures when we get back. In the meantime, here are the engagement photos that C. S. E. Cooney and Patty Templeton took for us! It is excellent to be friends with brilliant writers who are also brilliantly creative in other ways (speaking of which, Patty's debut novel just came out, and I highly recommend it!).

I've also been busy co-editing another anthology called In Other Words with Saira Ali of Kitabiyat Press. That one should be out before too long. It collects flash fiction and poetry by people of color with all profits going to support Con or Bust.

Other than that, I've attended Arisia, Boskone, the International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts, and Readercon so far this year, and each of them was wonderful. I failed to post my schedules here, but I did record some panels and interviews! The Skiffy and Fanty Show did interviews at ICFA with Sofia Samatar, David Edison, Fran Wilde, Cecilia Tan and Mary Anne Mohanraj, and Usman Malik. Meanwhile over on the Outer Alliance Podcast, you can listen to the Unheard Voices of SF and QUILTBAG YA panels from Arisia. At Readercon, I recorded the amazing panel all about butts, so look out for that and my WorldCon schedule in the next news post!