19 February 2016

My Boskone Schedule

I'll be at Boskone this weekend, and here is where you can find me:

Small Presses & Magazines: Welcoming the Unexpected
Friday 17:00 - 17:50, Griffin (Westin)

Authors in the slipstream, weird, magical realism, or speculative literature categories can have a hard time finding the right home for their work. With stories that aren't always a good fit for the larger genre markets, it's still important to find quality publishers. Such homes exist in both the literary and SF/F/H publishing communities. This panel will take a "deep dive" into the world of small presses and magazines, presenting fantastic venues and discussing hard-learned lessons such as publishers that promised more than they could deliver. Whether you're looking for good work a little off the beaten path or trying to find potential new markets for your writing, this panel is for you.

Julia Rios (M), Kate Baker, Neil Clarke, Shahid Mahmud

Reading: Julia Rios
Friday 19:30 - 19:55, Independence (Westin)

The Wonderful Women of YA
Saturday 16:00 - 16:50, Harbor II (Westin) Young adult fiction is filled with exceptional young women who break the old mold. From protagonists to leaders, brainiacs, and baddies, these females are taking on traditionally male roles within fiction. What is it about these characters that captures our imagination? Which YA characters and writers do you love to follow? And when can we expect their action figures?

A.C.E. Bauer (M), LJ Cohen, Jordan Hamessley, Hillary Monahan, Julia Rios

Steven Universe and the Cartoon Renaissance
Saturday 20:00 - 20:50, Marina 4 (Westin)

“Believe in Steven!” Cartoons are back with a bang, and the incredible Steven (a half-human, half-Gem hero) is helping save the world. Steven Universe is just one of several adult speculative cartoons that have been praised for their complex characters and rich worldbuilding. From Space Ghost to Futurama to Robot Chicken, these shows have captured our imaginations. Why do we love them so much, and what else should we be watching?

Teddy Harvia (M), Susan Jane Bigelow, Gillian Daniels, Max Gladstone, Julia Rios

The Economics of Magazine Publishing
Sunday 12:00 - 12:50, Marina 4 (Westin)

Many publish for love, others for prestige. Some even manage to turn a profit. From circulation to ad revenue, staff turnover, and content acquisition, what factors are critical to the sustainability of magazines and e-zines? What’s the cold hard truth on the bottom line of your balance sheet?

Julia Rios (M), Neil Clarke, Shahid Mahmud, Steve Davidson

Alien Invasions — Why Do They Bother?
Sunday 13:00 - 13:50, Marina 4 (Westin)

Terribly-tentacled conquerors and their ilk trying to take over the Earth are a science fiction staple. But really, what’s in it for them? Why us? In a universe of precious resources, why would they destroy the Earth? We’ll discuss various examples, including why the Martians would even want New Jersey.

Allen M. Steele (M), Julia Rios, Robert J. Sawyer, Frank Wu